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#MyHubby We met 9 and 1/2 years ago I was actually in anoth…

#MyHubby We met 9 and 1/2 years ago I was actually in another relationship, but had a really big crush on him. He actually told my so at the time and friend who was like my brother he was going to stay with me while my brother and and so went to the store. LOL that night left and never thought I would see him again. Then 6 months later I was at a friends house and he called her older brother to come drift and he asked who was at the house her brother said who and he's like ok I'm on my way. We went drifting and he messed up his bumper by crashing. I laughed. Well when we got back to my friends I gave him a hug because that's just what I do and we walked in. After a little bit I asked to see his phone well I put my number in and called it so I had his. He saw me do it and was like that's something I would do. LOL we cracked up. That night I went to go home and he's like I'll bring you even though it's two blocks away. He did and he asked when I wanted him to call I said when ever. He called 15 minutes later and we talked til 3 in the morning. He came and got me the next day and I got in his truck went to hug him and kissed him as well. I was so embarrassed but he goes well I was going to wait til later but will you go out with me. That was 8 1/2 years ago. We may be going through a lot but in those 8 1/2 years we had our son. Now we are expecting a Daughter and even with this cancer we will make it through. He is my everything.


— Thank you @annie042

— amazing story