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So my boyfriend and I shower together a lot.. We're weird a…

So my boyfriend and I shower together a lot.. We're weird and have a lot of fun doing things most people do alone together 😂😂 it's not sexual either it's literally just a shower haha but just last night we both realized I'm getting too big for us to be in their together.. It's kind of sad to think about lol


— I kicked him out of the shower yesterday because when we were trading spots under the water and he nearly knocked me out of the tub by not scooting against the wall. I got mad and banished his sudsy self OUT. 😝😄😂

— Lmfao do it! 😂

— @gingermama, my boyfriend would never kick me out id choose to make it easier lol but I'm thinking about just staying and making it difficult 😂

— My husband always bumps into my belly but he doesnt kick me out. He just messes with my boobs being too big. Lmao. 😂

— @gingermama, small tub owner problems 😂😂 @osiris517 yeah he takes showers without me sometimes but not much and I know it'll make me sad when I'm not in that shower with him for more than one night

— Oh my god I cried so hard the first time he took a shower without me!!! I miss it so bad but I'm wayyy too big now 😭😭😂😂

— Pregnancy struggles. 😂

— We don't have a big enough tub I can barely fit in it myself lol @gingermama

— belly*

— Lmao we shower together most of the time. Heres your solution ladies! You dont have to be kicked out of the shower! Just sit down in the tub with him instead, and literally be the reason the water overflows so he can soak in the warm water more. 😂😂😂 My hubby uses my nelly and big butt as a way to over flow the warm water so the bath is deeper.

— @shanttc, just do it to him too lol @anayeli exactly! And I'm afraid to bathe with my baby he's gonna be so fragile 😔 ftm fears. @carsonsmomma it's a sad realization

— Me and my hubby had that realization last time I was pregnant also

— you can be intimate without having sex. we used to shower with our baby too but now she is one and curious so my husband showers with underwear. it saves us time and water since we do live in California. lol. but you're not the only one. its a nice things to spend time like that.

— Might have to try that when I get my positive lol, until then I'll plot my revenge 😂😂

— @rose.grossnickle, it's so fun but now I'm getting to round in the front lol we need a bigger shower haha