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Okay, please read this fully and don't jump to judgement, I'm hesitant to even ask. I'm 31 weeks and 2.5cm dilated. They've had to stop labor three times already, and don't expect her to stay in for much longer at all. At this point, I'm willing to do just about anything to keep her in. So I'm researching different ways to keep her there, and I've found A LOT of things that say marijuana use can prolong the labor up to 2 months, and a lot of midwives recommend it. I don't want my baby to be on drugs, but I'm willing to do just about anything to keep her cooking...she's not ready to be out yet. Is this worth trying or not worth the risk?

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— your the babies mommy, if you don't have a problem with it than that's all that matters!

— Even looking at the risks, there aren't many proven ones other than low birth weight and she's gonna have that if she comes early anyway, she's got a better chance of being heavier if she stays in. But I think most hospitals drug test mother and baby, and I don't want cps taking my baby from me...

— u have to look into it with ur midwife and like she said cps

— I personally wouldn't unless its prescribed to you by a doctor. My opinion.

— it'll make up eat and pack on the weight she needs also and help u sleep

— has your dr offered anything to help?

— A girl I know smokes on a daily basis an she is due the same day as me, her baby weighs two x's bigger than normal an looks like she could pop anytime. I'm not saying it's good to smoke daily but if you want to try it an help keep your baby in there do what you feel is best, you're the Mommy. 😊

— I wouldn't do it. I used to be a regular smoker. I don't know how your hospital is but mine tests the baby when it's born and if they come back with marijuana in it, you'll be in deep shit. It'd be totally different if you weren't this far along

— I would ask your doctor.. Because I would hate to see you lose the baby to CPS... You're far enough along that even if you did go early the chances of survival are good!!

— I would ask your doctor cause I did smoke weed at the beginning of my pregnancy and the more I read up on it made me quit, if your baby comes out and tests positive for THC even if you don't they will take your baby and being that you're so close to delivering it would definitely be in your baby's system and I know you don't want to lose that baby

— My state doesn't test unless you give them a reason! I smoked with my first 2 and was never questioned about it. and my babies are brilliant and fine! if you think it would help, I would do it!

— @soon2bmomof3, they test here in Indiana. /: if she comes back positive, idk what the next steps are from cps.

— Talk to your doc about it. it shouldn't matter if you don't abuse it.