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I've had one ultrasound so far...when do I actually get a print off of my ultrasound?

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— when they tell you the gender of the baby i think is at 19-20 weeks

— @lovelycin09, ahhh I'm so excited that will be on 2/8😊😊😊

— Congrats 😊

— i got a print of my first u/s. you should have too. but the next one will be better! :)

— @_akgirl, yaaay I just wanna show everyone lol

— You should of gotten one at the first us. I get a pic every time I have an ultrasound

— @kylamommy2016, idk why I didn't but I didn't question it cuz idk if it was normal or not and I didn't wanna sound dumb lol

— Lol you wouldn't of sound dumb. Lol they usually give you a pic at every ultrasound

— I tell them to print a crap load!!!!

— @jheyer1109, do you ussally pay for them?

— you only get them when you know what you're going to have?

— I got pictures from my first ultrasound.

— yes you should have gotten one. you can call them and ask for one. i did when I lost mine :-)

— @mandylyn, might do that!!

— Nope, unless they tack them on my medical bill? And I'm unaware. My Dr is just print happy! I got 7 last time!