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When did everybody start showing??

When did everybody start showing??


— Well you're not fat!! Lol you just look pregnant! Congrats!!

— yess i know its horrible lmao !!! @kaleighnoel27 i feel soooo overly fat and im not bloated nor is it water ... i was cramping horribly for a few days before i knew i wwss prego and then after i found out i woke up the next day and was a bit bigger than usual ..

— Geez @inderriaaaa I didn't even know I was pregnant until 5 weeks, and you're already showing!! Haha

— 5 weeks baby #2 , uterus is definitely poking higher and quicker this time .

— Like 19 weeks

— @kaleighnoel27, lol aww. I really didn't even notice it until the other night my fiance said something about it. Originally my stomach is super flat but he noticed it poking out and said it was shiny that night lol

— @kaleighnoel27, Thank you! 😊

— @isley91, I have a little bump a little bit tinier than yours!! Lol

— Oh gosh!! @m.bullock congrats!!

— 11 weeks

— about 16-17 weeks. 30 weeks now

— I started showing at 2 months

— @kaleighnoel27 I'm having twins, and if I wasn't I'd be right there with ya lol. I was tinyyyy before I got pregnant! I thought I wouldn't show until I was like 20 weeks. My grandma said "You're already starting to show" (at the time I was 8 weeks) and I said "Yeah there's two in there" just joking around and then the next day at my first ultrasound there really was two!

— Oh gosh.. I have a little pooch I didn't have before but it just looks like I'm bloated. I can't wait to show lol @m.bullock

— Around 8 weeks! My 19 week bump 😊