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tmi tmi tmi but I just went to the bathroom and my underwea…

tmi tmi tmi but I just went to the bathroom and my underwear have this huge wet spot in them and I know I didn't pee myself... how do I know if it was my water or just watery discharge?


— @mercy475, also I had mild period cramps when my water broke.

— @mercy475, I never had discharge so I don't know the difference. However, I do know my water continued to leak after it broke. If you question it, it can't hurt to make a phone call to your in call doctor or labor and delivery.

— @jjbutton,

— no blood and yeah I felt more liquid

— When you use the restroom again do you feel more liquid (not pee) coming out? Or is there blood in it? These were signs for me that my water broke

— I hope it was not your water but you never know ...just be alert I wear liners and they have saved me a bunch of times because that happened to me one time

— it just scared me because I had no idea how it got there.

— It's normal don't worry. Happened to me a few times too. I've never had to change underwear so much in my life.

— Yea plus I think if it's your water you would of felt like a rush when it came out like you peed yourself

— lol it used to happen to me all the time lol and I used to wonder the same thing lol then when my water broke I knew it wasn't discharge lol

— I'm aware I'm only 32 weeks put it looks like I poured water in my underwear its that wet. @ms.sadelove

— it's discharge