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Arias first night in her actual crib wish me luck lol

Arias first night in her actual crib wish me luck lol


— that's awesome

— Thank you it went fine she still woke up for her feedings but when it came to the sleeping part she slept more soundly than in her bassinet @february2016

— Yeah she is on her back and put her head to the side and she also sleeps on her side she has been doing it since day one (: @alyen2

— lol first of all she isn't face down!! Second of all she isn't tied down! I was in the nicu for 8 days and this is how they had MY BABY!!! I know about SIDS and I'm extremely careful, you can take care of your baby the way you would like an doll take care of mine my way 👌🏼 @mamalamadingdong

— awww good luck hunny!

— My son does that too... You put him on his back and he either puts his head to the side or flips to his side. He's been doing it since day one.

— what a sweetie 💓 (we all hear back sleeping etc. but we are all here and back in the day it was all, stomachs only!!) Im sure she will be just fine 😌

— It's your baby, so what you think is best, in my opinion it's so she feels snuggled that you put the blanket like that your her mommy and you know best for her she's so cute good luck I hope she stays put and sleeps through the night

— @gaillynn, be careful momma. SIDS! She's precious tho

— Why is your baby face down?! And tied down on top of that?! Who told you to put your baby in the crib like that??? I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound rude, I'm just shocked!