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how many weeks were u when u packed a hospital bag..? i did…

how many weeks were u when u packed a hospital bag..? i didn't get that far with oldest. he came so early i just went with what i had on...my pjs lol


— @hward12, thanks

— I'm planning on packing mostly everything when I'm about 28-30 weeks, ven for me and dad. I'm high-risk and will probably be put on bed rest to keep from going into labor too soon. We're taking chargers, electronics, camera, robe, clothes for us both, and bath stuff. We will have to pack separately though since dad will be traveling with baby girl to Atlanta for surgery.

— 37+1 deliver 37+3 (:

— For you I would pack comfy clothes. Maybe even a robe and house slippers. Make sure to pack bathroom stuff stuff, shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, deodorant. Stuff like that.

— what would u say are the nessecities

— Never too early to pack because you really never know!

— @pregomego, great idea

— I packed at 38 weeks. I'm currently 39 weeks 1 day. My OB told me 37 weeks was a good week to start packing.

— had my first at 32 weeks

— I have mine packed but I don't think it's ever too early too pack it. And in the event I go into labor at work or while I'm out and about I take my bag with me in my car everywhere I go.

— I packed basic stuff that I didn't need daily around 37 weeks when I was unpacking at our new house (yes we moved thee weeks before we had our baby girl) then the day I went into labor I just had a feeling she was coming soon so I packed my bathroom stuff and chargers and stuff like that and put the car seat in the car...if I were u make sure u bring ur own pillow and don't forget a tooth brush...I wish I would of packed some movies to watch...

— my sister ended up going back home grabbing my a few things but not what i exactly would of liked to bring @momma_beffers @wyatts_mommy_0106

— Oh so with that being said, I'm packing it by 35 weeks this time!

— I went into labor at 36 weeks and I didn't even know it. Went to my Drs because I felt terrible and it turns out I was in labor so I went to the hospital with nothing and my husband was too freaked out to run all the way home for anything, lol. Luckily I had a sweet nurse who ran to her car so we could borrow her camera 😊

— I did the same thing I went to the hospital.in my shorts and a tee shirt and I made sure I had my I.D and insurance card lol I made.my hubby a list of what to grab me when he went to the house the night after I delivered. so I'd say its never to soon to pack yours and baby's bag just so you are prepared for the unexcepted