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Had my first midwife appointment yesterday, got a bit emot…

Had my first midwife appointment yesterday, got a bit emotional when she talked about the downs syndrome test. Due date given as the second of July! I can't wait to for my first scan appointment, which should be before crimbo!


— I didn't have my down syndrome test done, my midwife said they can't give a definite yes or no, so I declined the test

— ohh ..k guys !! Thanks for explaination..!! @jadecarter @mummywarwick ... XxxX

— Thanks guys! I don't think we're going to have any of tests, although I'm not sure why I got so upset just talking about it! I'm going to blame hormones.... xXx

— @sairainbow, if the blood test and scan show there is an increased risk, if you want further testing the stick a needle through your tummy into your uterus and the amniotic sac to where the baby is swimming about so they can collect some cells (I think she said skin cells) then they test those. it's evasive so could cause a miscarriage and doesn't always give accurate results!

— They will only do a blood test to see if you are or not at risk & if you are, you can decide to the have the needle thingy if not at risk then they will leave it ☺️ xx

— correct me if I am wrong, I had my scan at 12 weeks when they check fluid thru scan and did some blood test to rule out down syndrom.. is that all ..? so whats with the needle thingy..???

— There is a nuchal test you can have which is a blood test , that's the one i had and if that's ok you don't need the needle one. At least it gives you the odds so your better prepared x

— I never had it either wouldn't change us having the baby x

— I don't think we're going to, there's no way I'm risking a miscarriage with that needle thingy. we're having the baby no matter what, so we don't need to know xXx

— I'm 33+5 weeks, I didn't have the down syndrome test. I choose not to x