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Which do you think would look best (previous ball gown post…

Which do you think would look best (previous ball gown post) I was thinking the glitter ombré . Help.


— My siblings were and still are my world I love them like I love my own little Madison so the thought of him choosing to put him self in harms way should the need arise is terrifying to me because I just want to protect him forever , I'm sure you have similar feelings with your husband being military

— Awww that's so sweet ! I understand , my dad is retired navy @brandylemonds15

— Awe that's awesome ! My daddy was a marine, I'm taking my little brother on his birthday (the 20th) to sign up for the delayed entry program , I don't want him to go especially with all the craziness right now but in proud of him for deciding to serve his country he's going to be so handsome in his uniform

— He's a marine @brandylemonds15 thank you 😊 @cuety83

— I like the French manicure with the white tips and sparkles, elegant and simple, not too over the top. the dress is absolutely gorgeous by the way 😊

— My bil is a marine and my fiancé was leaving for basic after Madison was born (marines as well)

— Your welcome :) what branch of the military is your husband in

— Thank you so much ! @brandylemonds15

— Yeah they should be able to file them , I can't wait to see pictures I'm sure you will look stunning :)!

— That would be great but my nails are already naturally long I don't wear acrylics I can see if they can file them @brandylemonds15

— I'd say do the glitter with a almond nail that way they aren't so long and crazy

— Yeah . I don't want to be prom girl especially since I have to shake hands thank you everyone @brandylemonds15 @lp1988727 @allierodriguez @aj1115

— Top right but in silver if that's not silver I can't tell

— the second one would be perfect. not over doing the red and adding extra sparkle along with the dress and shoes. simple is always nice.

— I'm loving the glitter coffin nails , but I'm not sure there right for a formal event