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I don't know how anyone likes coconut.... ew.

I don't know how anyone likes coconut.... ew.


— I normally hate coconut but I found myself eating almond joys from Halloween... They were bomb as hell lol. Pregnancy does weird things to me.

— I absolutely hate it

— I hate taste of coconut, but I loveeee the smell of coconut almost anything (lotion candle) whatever lol

— I'm one of those tomato/ketchup people. Bahaha! Coconut is gross though. I think I have actually used the allergy thing for coconut before because that's that gross to me.

— I kindaaaaa like the flavor of coconut, but the texture is what gets me... YUCK

— Flakes are the worst. I just had an ice cream with flakes on the outside, had to have hubby eat it off for me lol. I guess that's not too weird. Its the same thing as people hating tomatoes but love ketchup... I know a few of those lol. In my opinion coconut is never a good idea lol. I feel like I should just say I'm allergic to it cause I hate it so much haha! @kimberlyyyy

— I totally agree. Euck! Especially coconut flakes you find in cakes and stuff. I like coconut water though...is that weird? lol

— I only like it with chili lemon and salt

— Love

— Omg I live fresh coconut!!!