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Due Dec 3 What about you ladies? 😊

Due Dec 3
What about you ladies? 😊


— Dec 30th. pretty sure she's coming around the 16th.

— Due December 6th 😊

— Dec 14

— yes I am excited. I've had preterm labor twice and am trying to hold off until 36 weeks so everything's been ready! How about you?

— I'm freaking out to be honest! I don't think I will get excited until I'm actually in labor. This pregnancy, like most, has been stressful. How are you feeling?!

— @mamamills, @caseclosed2015 @laceduplove1661 y'all excited? got everything ready to go? :D @babyboy1202 lucky got him with you already! (:

— December 19th ☺️

— December 5th

— Dec 2nd!!!

— Due Dec 26th.

— My due date was dec 2. But my baby boy decide to come on nov 13