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How many ultrasounds did you all have? I've only had one, a…

How many ultrasounds did you all have? I've only had one, at 20 weeks. I just wonder how they know the baby is good if they never see her haha


— @aj1115, me too ! thats weird how every doctor is different... i went to a specialist twice and they checked all the measurements of the heart, and other organs. i was able to see baby 3d ! but now i just get hearbeat, and the doctor said at 35 she will do one more final ultra sound to check if baby is head down

— Ahhh @olliesmom yeah, I have Tricare too.

— I've had one every visit. but I also have tricare and, at least overseas, they do one every visit to get more money out of the system since we use local hospitals instead of military ones

— I've had 6 or 7 ❤️

— I've only had 2 one when I found out I was pregnant and one at 20 weeks to find out what I was having. I even asked my doctor if I would have another one before the baby comes and she said no because everything has went well and I've not had any complications.

— Haha I just wondered because I only have like 5 weeks left. I know they check heartbeat everytime but I was just curious about brain development & all that good stuff. Oh well!

— I had tones my doctor is private and she abuses that ultrasound machine lol

— I'm only getting another because he's breech

— With my first I had 4-5 cause of GD. This time I've had 2 and I was only supposed to have one but she failed the NST at 35 weeks. Most pregnancies get 2-3

— I've had 6 so far expecting one more in about 3 weeks. I was considered high risk. I think the normal is 3 maybe 4 for some to see if baby is head down in later weeks.

— The other two are towards the end because u get 3

— I only had 3, usually the normal is 2 or 3. unless you just have a super nice doctors office. 😂 they do measurements and use the doppler all other times.

— measurements and listening to heartbeat during appointments that's how

— I usually have one every other visit but it depends on your place