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Circumcise my baby or not ?? 😬😬😬 Childs father says yes …

Circumcise my baby or not ?? 😬😬😬 Childs father says yes but I'm not sure 😕😕😕😕😕😕


— Look up intactivism. :-)

— @wifeofmrsuarez, sorry but I'm not gonna sit back and let people think that genital mutilation is okay or should be the norm. And I'm not "bashing" anybody, but if you don't do research on something as serious as strapping your infant to a board and removing a part of your child's most private body part, then I probably wouldn't associate with you in real life. I'll do me, you do you. It may be their child but it doesn't make it right. It's literally illegal in other countries and is the same thing as female genital circumcision, which is illegal here. So it's my baby I should be able to tattoo them? Cut their finger off? Pierce their tongue? Change their body for the rest of their life by causing physical pain for my own selfish reasons ? Okay thanks for the tip :-)

— whatever we want to look up but we decide what's best for our kids.

— @bria.k, we can look up the vaccinations researches, ear pierced researches. in the end of the day we make the decision. don't bash others who want to do it. it's their child not yours.

— I have to agree with @bria.k on this one. I have 2 boys, their father was uncircumcised and we didn't circumcise the boys. My mother had a fit, but I read alit aboutnit and felt it wasn't necessary to put my boys thru that kind of pain or discomfort (even if they "don't" remember) We taught them proper hygiene and how to clean it. I notice they are more sensitive when they pull the skin back and wash but Dr. said it is perfectly normal.
& when they get older they can decide to get the procedure done themselves.

— my husband has cried over being circumcised...That's not a joke. I really think that's something that should be a personal choice of your child later in life....less and less people are doing it nowadays and no one in any other country does. its a useless surgery.

— I was there too... I researched it then talked to my dr. I'm never gonna be 100% comfortable with it but I think it's best

— @bria.k, He did it for medical reason NOT TO make his dick look pretty. Now I can say maybe he didn't clean his stuff right and that's why he had to have the surgery done. But I don't think he did it to impress the females. Mother in law even told me it was something he was dealing w for a while and he didn't want to get it done but he had no choice.

— @faithfulness88, people legit make fun of men's uncircumcised dicks. Say they're gross or ugly. I'm sure he felt pressure to have a prettier penis. The extra skin is his foreskin and it's supposed to be there. He was born with it for a reason lol.

— I ultimately left it up to dad. He decided against circumcision even though he himself is. If our son ever questions it, it'll just enforce the concept that individual bodies are different and it's normal. Baby is born with it, it's completely natural and more moms are opting to forgo circumcision these day. Unless it's needed for whatever reason LATER in life, we choose to forgo it. You need to do your own research on it though. I just wouldn't feel right doing that to my newborn, same thing with piercing. It's not mine to alter to my liking. Kind of weird tbh.

— I let dad have the final say because he's the one who's lived with a penis lol

— People do it to keep bacteria from happening. My brother in law had it done at the age of 24 because of the extra skin. @bria.k

— @mamalamadingdong, the amount of people who still circumcise baffles me!!! It's so easy to read up on before you make decisions like that and people just go for it because it looks better or it's something their family does. I'm so glad my honey is on the same page as me, too. It would've been a big issue if he wasn't! I'm very passionate about it too.

— I think it's a personal choice because ppl are so torn on it like vaccinations and piercing little girls ears...research it and decide for yourself....I did it

— @mamalamadingdong, 🙏🙏🙏