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What do yall think of this

What do yall think of this


— I think the small mattress on the floor is a little much then again I'm a soft ass but as I agree with it all I'm to soft to do this

— totally agree with this

— Yes of course you'd get your punishment for doing something bad, there's no reason they should be punished... But to take it to this extent is a whole different story. Taking away a toddlers dignity is far from a proper punishment. She doesn't even get to sleep on her bed? wtf?

— @bria.k, id agree but i grew up with 2 brothers (at the time) and if one of us acted out in public and didnt listen we didnt get or get to do what our siblings did. We all turned out fine and we learned quick bad behavior wasnt okay

— I feel this is too much for a child that age. She's learning her emotions still and a child doesn't just act out for the hell of it. There's a reason she's feeling that way and needs to learn how to talk about her feelings instead of expressing them through anger and disobedience. Then they can figure out how to help her better. Treating her different than the other kids will often make her have even more behavioral issues.

— Right I agree with that. My children will know cops are here to help when needed, but if you're bad and break the rules they will have to do their jobs.

— @mobabyboytimmy020516, @their.bomb.ass.mom @waterbabies
When u seriously have nothing left to try sometimes you have to be creative and have to scare them. Im a lil worried bout calling cops to do something bc i dont want my kids to fear cops but if you can do it without scaring them go for it

— hey some parents have actually had police drive the kids around the block and "pretend" to arrest them while they freak out about it...I mean I wouldn't be against something like that depending on how it was presented to her and if it ended up working, then one day of feeling cruel could change the girl for the better if she fully understand why they did what they did?

— What she said! Maybe 3-4 days tops. Although idk how old she is, so it depends. They're right, nowadays spanking is "abuse" and hardly anyone does it anymore. I'm not afraid of sparking my children, but if nothing works, I wouldn't mind doing this. Especially after they've tried everything.

— Right might as well show them (lighter) version of jail if they wanna keep down the horrible road. I dont think they did anything wrong and too try to stop the bad behavior

— Lol

— i feel they did what they thought needed to be done as long as they didn't keep this going and only did it for a day