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I'm so over feeling alone while I'm in a relationship 💔

I'm so over feeling alone while I'm in a relationship 💔


— @lyanpham, thank you I appreciate that so much

— @babymckynlee, You welcome! Message me anytime if you need someone to talk to.

— @lyanpham, @jdrose @onemoretime I wish I had the time to fill u in on my whole story so you knew everything exactly but typing on the phone would take forever lol. Thank you all for your kind words and compassion... I don't have ANY friends and that's not an exaggeration at all, I have no family that is close either....I have no one to vent to this app is my only outlet...it helps me a great deal esp when you ladies show your concern and sensitivity to my problems....it means a lot that you all take the time to comment and give advice bc I really don't get it otherwise, so thank you, each and every one of you, I appreciate it more than you know

— If he can't be present in the relationship then he needs to go. And I agree with @lyanpham; don't wait around for him to decide to leave. Make the decision for him. You want to teach your daughters to require more than that from a man when they grow up. I'm sorry you are in pain. I hope you can make peace and move on.

— yeah it's time for him to leave

— @jdrose, I'm at the point idk what to do! I've laid it out plain and simple so many times it's unreal! I'm certain he doesn't love me or want this but I think he stays and tries to make me appear crazy so he can stay mooching off of me and my daughters money! I'm disabled and on a fixed income which goes directly to my rent then I get child support that I have to split between food and bills and he lives here but doesn't pay for anything except for when I send him to the store but I pay back most of the time but this is crazy! Me and my girls deserve more and much better

— You don't need to let him walk away from you. You should be the one that leaves him.@babymckynlee

— I'm sorry. You should never be treated this way. I have no respect for any man that puts down a woman and you shouldn't allow it. If there is no way of fixing the relationship it's best you move on. They are rare, but there are good men out there. It took me a long time to find him, but I'm with him now. There's one out there for you too.

— do you ever ask him do he loves you or do he want to be alone

— He has no regard for me or our daughter, when we first got together we'd text all day long and he always showed me attention and affection and now I have to beg for him to even talk to me! He jumps on fb while he's at work but can't send me a simple text asking if I'm ok, how I'm feeling or how my day is going...we used to cuddle and the only time I get affection is if we're saying goodbye...he doesn't tell me goodnight or good morning, in fact he doesn't even speak to me until he is ready to walk out the door and then he just pecks me and says bye, no I love you or anything! He is mean to me and belittles me, tells me I'm an idiot if I do something he thinks is stupid or like something he doesn't like! I really just wish some days that he'd walk away and let me be a single mom to our daughter, I already have two older daughters I've raised alone I can do it and I'm not afraid to! @lyanpham

— Aww what happened?