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my chunk💙

my chunk💙


— He was a big boy. 8.12 @pregolove2014

— omg look at those cheeks

— Thank you!

— so is Adam. He's adorable @mmmirage

— Yes !!! I can't get over how handsome he is already!! God bless him !! 😊 cutie pie

— thank you @mmmirage he's a keeper for sure. 💙💙💙

— Omg!!!! Im in love!!!! 👶❤️❤️❤️

— Thank you @sgtpeppertheory, I sure am. He's got some jaundice so I got him getting some sun in the window today. Hopefully it clears up.

— he's so stinking cute! and so is his name! you must be a proud mama with all your babies here now.😊

— Thank you, He's very demanding already @dovejazz lol. loves the boobs and they hurt.

— Aw cutie 😍 so handsome and he seems chilled right away aww 😍💙

— thanks ladies😊


— OMG he's so precious!!! Congratulations!!!! He's so beautiful!😙😙😙

— Congrats... little handsome guy😍😍