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if the only way your baby would nap is to let them sleep on…

if the only way your baby would nap is to let them sleep on you would you just let him nap like that?? bc it's 4 and Hes only napped for less than 2 hrs in 4 naps I mean I Dont know what else to do.. I've tried all the tricks. 5 Min after I move him he wakes up. every time. but it seems silly to only let him nap on me. I'll never get anything done. nothing .. I just Dont know what to do...


— I've tried both he really only likes the carrier. @hayleymarie

— Do you use a carrier or a wrap/sling?

— good luck. (:

— he only sleeps in the swing anyways lol. and he only likes baby wearing for like 5-10 min. I'll try the shirt thing. and yes he Is. I think I've spoiled him rotten lol @meganc @hayleymarie @yadarivel @schevanya

— he still like that? ohhhhhhh :(( my daughter finally sleeps by herself now but sometimes still wants mommy chest

— maybe if you put your shirt on a pillow and lay him next to the pillow he would stay asleep. he could smell you and think his with you. you get me ?

— Have you tried baby wearing ? That's what I do on the days where Pai only wants mama and will only sleep on me

— Have you tried letting him self soothe or im cry it out? Or even the swing? Maybe the movement will put em to sleep