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I woke up this morning with what sounded like a pop and whe…

I woke up this morning with what sounded like a pop and when I went to the bathroom to pee I was finished and more fluid came out but not the same now my back is killing me but not really having contractions. should I be worried or no?? I'm a ftm and not sure what to expect


— thanks @michellehjakino

— Good luck!!!

— they said its most likely my water breaking but I have to wait for my mom to get back to take me in

— sorry I didn't see you commented back well good luck let me know what happens

— ya I have a call in but might be awhile till they get back to me @michellehjakino

— I would just call and tell them even if you don't go in if it is anything your body will let you know :)

— I hope not since I was there the night before last @michellehjakino

— Yea I called beforehand too they are extra cautious if it could be your water I live an hour from the hospital and still had to go in but they wanted to make sure I guess

— Call them and see what they say

— that's what I'm afraid of I don't want to go in and be sent home @michellehjakino

— same thing happened Saturday morning they checked to see if I was leaking and it was just discharge and sent me home I was so upset

— OK sounds good I have a call in now @iloveni0820

— call before going in. no need to waste the trip unless your doctor says otherwise ^^^^

— ya I went in the night before last for contractions the cervix was soft but hadn't started to dilate should I still go in @preggiemommyincorona

— I would still go in to be on the safe side plus once you hit 36 weeks your full term