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OK so get this a lady made a video on fb about this thing c…

OK so get this a lady made a video on fb about this thing called free bleeding where u don't use pads or tampons or anything while on your period u just let it flow I guess but anyways that's not even the strangest part y'all get this they make food from their period blood!!! and apparently it's vegan!!! who comes up with this stuff I thought it was BS until I looked up free bleed on IG and women really do this y'all I threw up no lie


— Ummmmm...I wish I could unread this...but seeing as I've read it now I have to look it up...
On a side note, I would have NEVER called it "free bleeding" but I have a reaction to tampons and pads so I don't use either but I also don't really bleed heavy at all NOR would I ever think of injesting it. That's just nasty.

— @njf1216, that's what I said

— What in the actual fuck?...

— 😲

— @hayleymarie, I would die too like I freak out if I leak a little but nothing at all u might as well kill me

— 😱 nobody wants to see that bloody massacre ! I swear if I ever come across someone in real life I'll die ! 😷

— @ahylton, Lmbo nooooo Lmbo OMG 😩😩😂😂

— hahaha @ahylton

— @phasion, watch somebody be like I'm a free bleeder its not disgusting lol

— @ahylton, girl I know I can't even imagine girl take this post down lol jk

— @phasion, tell me about it the things people come up with

— That's disgusting 😖