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Ladies I'm Getting So Big Already

Ladies I'm Getting So Big Already :o is That Too Soon? I'm 16weeks & 3days.

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— girl no im 17 wks n 3 days n people think im 6 mths 😱

— Your due the day after me ❤️👏👏

— @bellies, Same Here :/ When I Went To The Hospital The Nurses Thought I Was 6 Months I'm Like No I'm Barely 16weeks. So The Dr Did A Stomach Check To Feel The Baby & He Said Yups Your Right lol. I'm Like Duh I Know When Was My Last Period lol. They Said Maybe it's Because I'm Tiny That I Show More :/

— @kera96, Awe Yay :) What Are You Having?

— lol people just dont get that everyones body is different....n no its not cause ur tiny cause im thick but never had a fatty stomach n im bigger than u 😂 others told me its bc ive already had kids blah blah blah lol ....appreciate it embrace it fall in love i see some moms on here wishing they had big bellies 👍

— @bellies, Serious Not Every Girl That Gets Pregnant is Going To Be The Same. That's impossible -_- I'm A 1st Time Mommy :) I Know I Am <3

— I think everyone is different :) it's a cute bump! I am 7 months and people think I'm a lot less.

— Won't know until February 16th 😞

— @firefly, People Think I'm Like 6 Months lol. But Yes Everygirl Body is Different :)

— me six months lol

— @kera96, Ugh it Sucks Huh :/ Hopefully I When I Go To My Next App Witch is Feb 2nd

— do you know what your having?

— But your showing good a little further out then me , lol

— @firefly, No I Don't Know Yet But I'm Hoping I Find Out At My Next App Which is Feb 2nd :)

— I'm almost 7months and your belly is bigger than mine :(

— @tijuannamomma, Awe :/ I'm Barely 4 Months

— Omg that's so crazy is it a boy @cynthiaa