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what is the best country song or just any song you ladies play for your babies?

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— Jesus loves the little children 😊

— @babyboolala, thats a good one.

— It's not country but forever young by Audra Mae! The sweetest song!!!

— love me tender by Elvis my little girl loves that song :) and anything by the bad Suns

— @regelbaby, omg why didnt i think of that. love that one also

— mine basically like anything country but the slower ones tend to put her to sleep quick

— @rykerpmommy I love it 😭 LOL

— @babyboolala, so i see they disnt induce you thats good!:) i bet yojr ready tho?!!

— I said no. I wanna have her but not by force. Taking it one day at a time with prayer!

— thats good im only 27 weeks in 2 days and my old midwife said i may need to be induced but i told her not at all he will come when he is ready