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the last couple days i have had to poo ALOT, but today is the worst! i get mild to medium period cramps n pressure in my booty like i need to poo so i go to the bathroom n i either poo a regular amount but other times its little to none. i know im not constipated, do any of u know what might be going on or exeriencing this too? im 37 weeks btw n dont feel signs of being sick. tmi but my poo is normal size n texture n color.

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— it may be your body releasing waste to get ready for labor

— oh that would be exciting lol @meplusmytwo i wish my midwife would check my cervix so i knew if i was dilated at all but not tell i hit 39 weeks will she check

— the same has been happening to me also. i think its our bodies getting ready for labor! *hopefully*

— Im going through the exact same!!!

— right before I went into labor I pooped so much and I kept thinking what is wrong with me why am I pooping so much and then the next morning I actually went into labor but that morning I had one of the best poops ever lol sorry if that's tmi

— fingers crossed! !!! @mommybump3 @alexandrajoy13 how far were you? @courtney_boyea

— My daughter came only 3 days early

— I dont want the baby to come this early lol i still need to work haha!

— Pregnancy is so sexy haha

— haha isnt it though @brandi_22

— It's one the things that happens right before you go into labor.

— i hope i go into labor soon that would be amazing @d0llface_j3y

— I lost my mucus plug two weeks ago for 3 days and rest two days ago and all last week I had horrid poops. Still waiting lol and I work so I'd assume he's come after because I'm moving and running around xD

— ive slowly lost my plug this last week. hopefully soon babies will come! @d0llface_j3y