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im 21weeks now and havent had a glucose test doctor hasnt even mentioned it since the beginning. should i be concerned? bring it up to him?.

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— I always had mine at 24 weeks and my sister in law at 28

— I got mine at 24 weeks also

— oh okay that makes me feel better about not having mine yet lol

— I'm also 21 weeks! my doctor said he will schedule mine between 24 & 28 weeks! 😀

— oh okay got it! thank you ladies..i appreciate it! 😁

— I had mine at 26 i think

— I just had mine at 27 weeks

— Usually they do it between 24-29 weeks

— I get mine on the 30th I'll be 28 weeks

— I'm just now getting mine this week, I'll be 29 weeks. My Dr does all of his this late. All of my friends had theirs done at 22 week's or so! I feel like I'm so late lol