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when did you find out the gender of your baby???

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— 20 weeks.

— Found out I was carrying my baby boy at 15wks

— 18 weeks

— 19weeks

— 20 weeks

— I'm hoping I'll find out I have 3d on Friday I'll be 15 weeks and 5 days

— I found out at 12 weeks almost 13!

— oh wow that's early was it 3d @mrs.oliva

— it was 2d at 12-13weeks baby is to small to see really clear on 3d even tho I seen him he looked like a Lil alien lol I paid for gender scan..

— what's a gender scan?? @mrs.oliva

— to see the sex of baby!! I didnt find out at my doctors office I went to a different office that does it for non patients but you gotta pay out of pocket.

— oh yea that's what I'm doing they are doing a 2d 3d one:) @mrs.oliva

— good luck 😊

— i found out at exactly 16 weeks

— is a gender scan the same as a 3d n was it expensive i guess it depends where u go right hubby is being very inpatient @mrs.oliva

— a gender scan is just to find out sex nothing medical.. they do the 2d which is the black one and 3d is the orange looking one. me I paid $200 for 8 visits 30 minutes each session it was suppose to be only 3 but my baby was very stubborn since the beginning so they didn't count my sessions when baby wouldn't cooperate...

— @bellies,

— omg so theres really no guarantee they can see the first i didnt they doit by visits well i guess thats good for babies that dont like to.expose themselves lol