Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

Kids need this so much now days

Kids need this so much now days


— And we did not take photos every second, film was precious!

— @supermomof4 I have to disagree. Have you ever found a flash drive full of pics you haven't seen in years? That's precious. I was going through my emails from a decade ago and found pics I shared with friends, man, the trip down memory lane ☺️ and I can print them if I desire! But I agree with @icebergahead I was thinking about how my son had more pictures at his age than I've had my while life! Technology makes it so accessible. I don't have a lot of pictures of myself at his age or younger, because my mom couldn't afford to get pictures taken

— @mujerstillregal, gosh, photos are cheap now than before. Developing them was another costly process.

— @icebergahead yup, we get our photos developed, Walgreens is cheap and shutterfly gives you free* photos. Still, stumbling across a digital photo years later is pretty precious, maybe its just me 😅

— So much better than internetting.


— I am ALWAYS telling my kids this 😅