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Does anyone still have an ice cream truck that drives throu…

Does anyone still have an ice cream truck that drives through the neighborhoods?


— Never not once I’m 12 years of living here 😭

— Yes

— Yess 🤗

— Everyday!

— Kona ice comes once a week 🤗

— Yes and Kona ice we love getting ice cream and shaved ice from them I feel like its more fun for the kiddos to go and pick it out from the ice cream man I don’t think the prices are that crazy

— Yup all day here but I refuse to 4$ for something you could get a box of 🤣🥴

— Everyone talking about high prices and last I knew the most expensive one was $2.50 lol

— Yes. They need to drive slower so I can catch them 🤣🤣🤣

— @ksmommyx3, these fools driving 30 in a 25. No kids are getting ice cream. Like a cruel joke 🤣

— @rayofmysunshine like big worms ice cream truck in Friday 😂

— @ksmommyx3, omg 🤣🤣🤣

— Yes

— Yup. Right at dinner time.

— Yep every weekend. It’s expensive though! $2.50 each

— I paid $3.5 for a bugs bunny today. Highway robbery 💸

— Yep!!!

— Yes! We just heard him drive down the street a few minutes ago. Same cornball music from the 80’s and everything.

— No they aren’t allowed in our neighborhood because of the guard. The kids school always have kona ice though

— Yes he drives through the neighborhood on sundays