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How is the speech of your 3 yos?

How is the speech of your 3 yos?


— Theo's is pretty good, it wasn't always that way, he didn't speak until he was almost two. But there are children in his class at school (3-4 year olds) who's speech isn't very clear. I actually had one of his little friends around a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't understand a lot of what he was saying, but this kid gets his point across completely fine, and if I was around him more I would probably understand it perfectly. I was actually speaking to Theo's teacher and she was saying they have seen a massive increase in children with poor speech and communication skills this year, they are putting it down to covid. Which makes complete sense because while we speak to them in at home they aren't hearing the every day conversations between adults, and when they do see/hear these conversations our mouths are covered by masks making it difficult for them to pick up on the shapes we make with our mouths.

I wouldn't be to concerned about speech, as long as you and any other main care givers can understand his needs :) x

— Not perfect but I don’t stress about it because each child blossoms in their own time! He can say many single words though his pronunciation isn’t perfect as expected as that comes with time, he has developed some two word sentences in the past month or so, I understand him and he understands me which is the main thing so I am happy with that! Xx