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Hello my nephew is turning two years old. And i need help w…

Hello my nephew is turning two years old. And i need help with some good engaging toys for him he has become bored my sister said with the toys he has now. I just want any input on must have toys that will keep him entertained for awhile. Thank you in advance. :)


— My 2 year old loves cars and trucks, blocks, colours, pop it’s and playdoh. He has some really cool magnetic tile type blocks I got from Amazon that keep all of my kids busy lol I even find myself playing with them sometimes.

— I'll have to check out pop it's and the magnetic tile blocks those sound awesome. Thank you aton.. :)

— Train tracks! Both my boys play with ours daily. We’ve built some crazy tracks

— Train tracks sound like a great idea. Thank you so much. :)

— Simple toys go further. Legos like pp said or blocks are great. Things that require creativity. My son loves old fashioned hot wheels. He’ll play for hours. Also play kitchen where they can practice life skills and do different things can be great.

— He has blocks and Legos. But no hot wheels that sounds like a good idea. :) Thank you.

— Does he have duplo legos or mega blocks my son loved to build and still does

— Yes he does. :) Thank you.