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With all 3 of my previous pregnancies I didn’t get morning …

With all 3 of my previous pregnancies I didn’t get morning sickness but this one is kicking my butt! Everything is making sick I’m having a hard time eating😩🤢


— I only had morning sickness with my first pregnancy and I had a girls my other two pregnancy I didn't get morning sickness and they also girls to. Everyone pregnancy is different.

— May be a sign of girl for you?! 🤞 I never had morning sickness with my girl, I think I just got lucky!

— It's girl season 🤞🏾🎀

— Lol we’ll see 😊🤞🏾

— I would say girl but my friend is having a boy and she is having the worst morning sickness ever! She couldn’t eat more than one or two small meals a day because she’d throw everything up.

— Hmmm every pregnancy is different is how I see it lol I’d be happy with whatever gender as long as their healthy! I just want this sickness to go away lol

— Omg girl its the worst!!! For my 3 youngest boys i was sick the whole pregnancy THE WHOLE 9 MONTHS IT WAS PURE HELL I TELL YA....but my oldest boy I didn’t get sick not once..i hope you get you a beautiful baby girl...@boymom_3,

— @rememberjerika2000, yes it really is the worst! The fact that I’m also breastfeeding makes it so much harder! Thank you my husband dying for a girl lol I’m not getting my hopes up lol

— I was puking with both of my boys up until I pushed them out. My poor husband was holding a barf bag for me while I was pushing & puking with my oldest! LOL 😂 I was a mess.

— Omg that sounds horrible! I hope it stops cus I don’t know how I’d go on like this the whole pregnancy 😩

— @boymom_3, it’s rough, girl. But you’ve got this, regardless!!! The reward for enduring it all makes it worth it. Just take it day by day. Snack when you can. And be patient with yourself. All day sickness really wears you down. Sending you my love, babe!! Hang in there!!

— I was sick with both kids but more with my daughter.

— I was only really sick with my girls like I couldn’t even keep down a sip of water & was constantly in the hospital but with my son I was barely sick!

— Omg! That’s crazy I’m taking little sips of water and eating mostly fruits a little at a time is the only way I can keep it down.

— I was complete opposite then other comments, I was terribly sick when I was pregnant with my son, and not so bad with my daughter 😅

— This is a first for me and I’m miserable! Everyone in my family thinks I’m having a girl but I feel like it’ll be another boy lol

— Agree with above! I only had morning sickness maybe once or twice with my boys but I had it BAD with my daughter for months.

— I hope it goes away by second trimester I heard some get it their whole pregnancy that would really suck!

— @boymom_3, mine got better during the middle of my second trimester but it never went away completely lol

— I was so sick with my girls, like bad. All day every day it seemed like.

— The whole pregnancy?

— @boymom_3, pretty much. I had a small space where I was ok but not very long at all