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So obviously having kids alters your social life a little b…

So obviously having kids alters your social life a little but do you married moms think being married does the same? If your husband wants to go out every weekend and party do you think that would cause problems? Is there a time frame you feel is a appropriate time to be home if you or him does decide to go out with the guys and girls? Like staying out until 5am is not a option right? My friend is getting married to her sons dad and she’s 21.... loves to party and hangout, stay out until 5am ect I just feel like she’s jumping the gun with this because he’s 29... obviously very settled with his life and doesn’t do the partying thing anymore so I don’t feel this will even work but what do you all think?


— I think to get married and for it to work you both have to be in the same part in life. I am 32 and my husband is 43 we both are way over the going out partying scene. We have gatherings with friends and family at our house and my husband once a month will go on a car cruise which me and my daughter will go too if the weather is nice but as they are mostly at night we only go with him in the summer. He is usually home between 10 and 11.

— I would love for him to go out! 🤣 we can’t stay up passed 3am but it’s already established that it’s okay. People really don’t discuss things before marriage. Lol

— Why boundaries are set before tying the knot

— Marriage and kids changes a lot. My husband can barely keep his eyes open past 10:30pm 😂 No way is he staying out til 5am! That’s a big age gap for them so they’ll definitely need to get on the same page as far as a social life goes. Hopefully they figure it out sooner than later.

— Our partying days are over. I don't drink anymore. My husband socially drinks if people are over or he'll drink with his parents because they live next door to us. He usually has a beer or two a day if he's outside working. Same as his dad.

— My drop it like it's hot days are over unless you're counting my traditional club Fridays here in my living room that I pour a glass of wine, put on some old school jams and turn on my disco light lol I mean dressing up to go to a nice dinner and a comedy show with my husband or girlfriends is about it for us so no going or staying anywhere really past 11p/midnight..plus the club is wherever i say it is ok💃🎶

— My party days are my sister, me and my cousin sitting around my kitchen table and getting hammered 😂😂😂. I honestly don’t think I will ever feel comfortable in a bar or night club setting ever again after Covid. My husband never goes out. Unless the gym counts.

— This! Now I prefer to have my family come over and we drink in the comfort of my home. I feel safer and it’s cheaper lol.

— I’m 28 my hubby is 36 both our party days are long done. Since we’ve been married I’ve gone out with my friends maybe 4 times and he picks me up once the bars close (so I’m done by 2ish), he’s gone out with his friends a handful of times and also is home by the time the bars close. Now that we have kids we really don’t go out at all there’s no need for us BUT if he wanted to or I wanted to I imagine we’d be home by the time bars close. I think if you aren’t ready to hang up your party hat you have no business having kids or being married.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying moms/dads don’t need a break to unwind and let loose BUT there is ZERO need to be out until 4am or later when you have a family at home to take care of (even if that family is just your kid no spouse).

— My husband goes out once in a blue moon. He came home once almost at 7am. Lord I flipped the fuck out. Almost put my hands on him and I broke a heater 💀

I don’t go out because I don’t want to go out alone. But I would like to go out. I didn’t enjoy my teenage years since I had my first at 17

— I do not know about others but my party days are over lol. I do not need to be out doing anything nutso😂
Partying now is an issue, I mean this is a crazy time we live in.

— My man goes out weekly to be with his “brothers” he typically is home no later than 11 and knows I can’t sleep until he is home and the door is locked. The exception is he goes to his mothers to drink and have a fire. He will stay the night there because they drink in excess. But that’s maybe monthly.