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For those of you who have bought a house recently... how bi…

For those of you who have bought a house recently... how big of a pain was it? Did anyone go for first time home buyer’s programs?

I was given 3 months to move out of my in laws and I’m thinking of moving cross country to a state that would be cheaper than California. The prices seem right but I’ve never tried getting pre approved for anything, and I’m the sole provider... pretty soon I’ll be on maternity leave and if I move away I won’t qualify for leave pay because I’d be leaving the company I’m working for.

All I know is I can’t afford rent where I’m at now.

I feel so screwed.


— @2sweetie Wow! I've always thought about obtaining some Estates in California...i now know to have ALL my coins ready! Lol...Here in Georgia..the Market is iffy right now..but an average 3-4 bedroom normally ranges between 200,000-250,000.

— Yeah now is not the time to buy in CA. Wait for the market crash which should be soon. Prices will go down. My sister just sold her 3bd house for over $600k and moved to Texas.

— Yes same here in Arizona but it's starting to go up here

— Don’t buy in California!! I don’t know where you live but around here houses are going for $550k-$750k 😱 Definitely can’t pay that with only one income. You will need to fill out an application with a lender to see what you qualify for. Do you have good credit? Anything in savings? A retirement account you can borrow from? We’re actually in the process of moving out of state and looking to buy in Idaho. We just filled out our application tonight but we’ll have to see what we get qualified for. We both work but my husband is self employed so it’s a little more complicated since he doesn’t get a W-2.

— There are First time Home buyer programs..as far as Lenders ...they particularly take your Credit score, 2 yrs of same job/ occupation sector and review the past 2-3 months of your Bank statements for the account the Mortgage will come from.. these criterias would set the stage as to how much you qualify for on a Home loan and/or how much you would also have to provide upfront...wishing you the best of luck. I work for Residential Estates Law firm...so i know the general requirements..but of course a Lender would provide in depth details... Another thing to keep in mind.. There is Earnest money (aka a Down deposit) and Closing on a home in a Lender transaction could take anywhere between a Month or 2..at least in Georgia..every State Residential Laws and requirements vary.