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so i have been thinking about selling my drawings.... but t…

so i have been thinking about selling my drawings.... but trying to figure out who would be interested before i start... i'm thinking about making a facebook page or Etsy where you have the option to buy something i've already drawn or request something to be drawn and also have the option of framed/no frame. prices would vary depending on what the drawing is and how much time spent to do it but not super expensive.

probably a long shot but opportunities don't happen if you don't try. more details about shipping/etc. will be available later on once i get some feedback


— DO IT! You are amazing that elephant one you put up I'd buy for sure! And would love to see more of your drawings. I have to set up a nursery!!

— definitely considering doing a facebook page to start off with then later if it does good do an etsy

— @beautiful_disaster you need to! Let me know when your page is set up I can not wait!!

— I love hand drawn art work! I would definitely make an Etsy page for it

— definitely looking into it

— There’s nowhere to go but foreword! Give it a shot. Good luck mama!

— so true! thank you 😊