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Ms Fancy Plants 😍 check out the roots on her. Need to ge…

Ms Fancy Plants 😍 check out the roots on her.

Need to get her into soil. This was the start my sister gave me not long ago. Taking care of the plants is relaxing and takes me away from reality for a moment. But back to the chaos 😜🙃😉

Hope you all have had a good weekend so far.


— Wow. She’s growing beautifully. I just spent the morning gardening as well. THEEE MOST relaxing Sunday morning 💚

— Thank you! She’s so cute! Gonna miss her in the wine glass lol

— Girl, I got one of these not that long ago and already fuckin killed it. 🤦‍♀️ Well not JUST like this, but it was a bulb with roots already and you were juat supposed to keep water up to the bottom of the bulb and it be fine.🤷‍♀️ I have OFFICIALLY given up tryin to grow things! It's artificial for me....for all the plants sake. They deserve to live! 🤣

— I killed plants before!!! The ladies on here inspired me to get plants. And I have a few now and have not killed them yet. I have a majesty palm that is suffering. I have forgot to water a few times!! Poor thing. It’s a high maintenance plant. I honestly should have grabbed it a humidifier.

I’m about to sow some seeds. Pray for them Lolol