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Just took a pregnancy test came out positive I want to cry …

Just took a pregnancy test came out positive I want to cry I’ve been wanting a baby but at the same time I don’t I have 2 boys already......
But this is gods plan right sooo taking a deep breath and doing this my youngest is about to turn 9! 😭 I don’t know how to be pregnant again 🥴🤧
This definitely explains a lot
My bf lost his job prior to covid and we were lucky enough a friend let us stay with them for the time being and we have an appointment this week for an apartment really praying we get this more than ever🙏🏼
Sorry and thank you for reading this just need to let it out


— Everything happens for a reason 💕💕 my youngest was totally not planned I was very unsure of having more.. he completed our family none of us can imagine life without him. Stay positive 💕 I’ll be praying for you and your family I hope y’all get the apartment!!

— Thank you so much yes I’ve been going back and forth and I kept saying I was done but now that it’s starting to settle in I’m happy and can’t wait to tell everyone 🤧😁

— It's going to work out hon. Covid isn't going to last forever, he will find work. It's a lot right now, but it will be okay.

— I second this, my husband was out of work for over a year it was starting to look a bit scary and we’ve been stable for a long time but thank God he we back to work two weeks ago finally

— Thank you.... I must have wrote it wrong he’s currently working but prior to covid he lost his job but we are lucky enough now he is working 🙏🏼