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Jesus, Mary and Joseph....SOMEONE come get my husband. 🤦‍♀…

Jesus, Mary and Joseph....SOMEONE come get my husband. 🤦‍♀️ He has discovered a shop on base, that's actually offered him a job as of Friday, that makes their own parts for the jet regulators that he builds. They're also engineers, but they use 3D printers with metal to fabricate their parts. He is OBSESSED with the thought of playing with a 3D printer all day AND getting paid a decent amount more than he already makes. He's driving me CRAZY y'all, I have NO idea what he's taking about...my brain hurts and I just wanna watch this Friends rerun, ya know?? 🤷‍♀️🤣 We are SO not the same! Lmao! I wanna watch Wayne's World and he's checkin out the history channel lineup.


— I'm the opposite of my husband too. Lol he's the serious one. I'm the goofy one. Hey, it works. I love funny movies while he likes action or western type shows 🤣🤣

— That’s so awesome for your husband!!!!!! All mine talks about is guns and cars...I’m like just shut up 🙄😂

— Oh girl those are in his rotation too. 🤦‍♀️ My eyes glaze over, like he HAS to know these conversations are painful for me! I wanna say don't you have friends??? THAT'S who you need to be tellin this shit to Bro! You can come to me about what we're doin this weekend, what to get your Mom for Mother's Day, where are we gonna vacation, how to spend our bonus', your son.....I could give you MANY more talking points if you feel stuck!🙄🤷‍♀️ Drones, guns and gadgets are his top 3, and his truck is a CLOSE 4th.

I mean, I GET it, KINDA. Lmao! It's somethin they love and enjoy doin, JUST like us, (see what I did there?! 😉🤣) so they try bringin the worlds together as often as possible. It's sweet and all the mushy relationship crap, but meh.....I could live without it! Hahaha

— @leonardsquared, it took my man a very very very long time to even have ONE FREAKING FRIEND! God I’m so happy about it because he talks all the boring crap to him. I’m so thankful 🤣
I feel the same tho. I TRY to talk about anything and everything else other than his main topic but nooooo he shuts it down 😂🙄
Lmaooo I could even go without all the lovey dovey crap sometimes 😂

— @sourpatchkid Girl, me and you BOTH! I REALLY don't require all that nonsense. I'm an "acts of service" love language person, you do ANYTHING to make my life easier or less hectic, I'll love you forever! His, unfortunately, is touch so I have to be VERY conscious and mindful that he's getting that....I'm NOT very good at it. 😬

— My husband was just asking what your husband did last night. He was on the sly wanting to know more about his future in laws. ;) Like are we inheriting Clark Griswold or Cousin Eddie. I assured him your husband would NEVER let his shitter be full. :D

— @jenx WE'RE PERFECT for each other, I just KNOW it! We just gotta convince the kids they love each other too! We will have the most dynamic, AMAZING grandchildren! 🙌😍

— @leonardsquared saw this earlier and was like, it's SO us! <3

— @jenx That's why we're PERFECT, my fun-sized friend! 😍 You go low, I'll go high and NO ONE can stop us! 🙌