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Hi ladies I’m not sure if anyone can help but since my dad …

Hi ladies I’m not sure if anyone can help but since my dad passed away we’re trying to sort some things out for Mom. It seems so insensitive that we’re having to discuss this but I need some advice. My mom doesn’t work as she was made redundant on medical grounds so she has literally no income coming in the only income they had was what my dad had. He was on a state pension which mom has sorted and they’ve applied for bereavement support for her as she isn’t state pension age yet she obviously can’t claim the pension. I’ve emailed the council to apply for the 25% reduction and I’ve made her an account for UC. I was wondering if there’s anything else that I can do? Moms awaiting a phone call from UC because for some reason it wouldn’t validate her ID!! Do u think it would be best for Mom to call and explain the situation because tbh I know they like to drag their feet with new claims and it sounds harsh but mum has bills to pay and hasn’t got any income. I mean don’t get me wrong we’d never see her short and we have enough to help her through until it gets sorted but I know mom doesn’t want to rely on us.

Sorry for the long post and I hope you understood it 🤔. Thanks ladies xx


— Yeah definitely!! I mean I looked at my Dad and thought he was indestructible and then unfortunately what happened happened and there was nothing anybody could do. He was 70 and his brother and dad passed away between 45/50 so he did well considering. They all passed with the same thing too. Aww what a wonderful thing he did for you making sure you were ok and that u could buy your own home 🏡. I know it doesn’t compare to having him back though. Xx

— @nikki90xx ah right I see. Yeah the tell us once service is good to notify all the government side of things. I'm assuming your Mum and Dad will have joint bills for things like water and gas/electric? In that case it should be easier to basically take your Dad's name off it and have just your Mum as it's not like your closing them down. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly for you. Your Mum is so lucky to have you! I didn't even know about my Dad's cover for the mortgage or his work pension it was a total shock. All I knew from what he told me was that everything was being left to me including the house and his motorbike lol which I had no use for so had to obviously sell it 😩 and that he wanted me to buy a house and possibly a car when the house managed to sell which is what I did. Lots of people have said to me that I'm so lucky to have a house mortgage free at my age (30 next month) which yeah I am and I'm so grateful to my Dad obviously but my reply is always the same "I would rather live in the 2 bed rented flat and have my Dad back than have my own house". Thank you, it will be 5 years in October 😥 he only was 53. I admit it's still hard now, some days more than others. I always imagined him getting old and me having to do his shopping and take him places lol and not forgetting all the memories we are all missing out on xx

— When my Dad passed away he had a mortgage and it was paid off fully by the bank with whatever the cover was that he had with it, so you could check what cover he had? He also had a work pension which I never even knew about until his work told me! Like Vix said his bank account will be frozen until probate. With my Dad's he had just over £1000 in it and I managed to pay off the funeral in full and put a couple of hundred in cash towards it. I never realised how much paperwork etc is involved, it overwhelmed me. I panicked thinking "have I told everyone he's gone?!" for like 2 weeks afterwards because I didn't want bills and that to come back to me because I was the sole inheritor of everything he owned. Luckily he owed no money for anything and was on UC due to having to stop working because he had his leg amputated and cancer. I ended up getting about 10 death certificates. There was water, gas/electric, mortgage, council (he was in a council flat, he was trying to sell his house at the time to buy a flat because he couldn't use stairs etc), council tax, driving licence, bank account, pension, tv licence, talktalk (internet and phone line), tesco mobile (as he was on a contract). Some accepted copies but others wanted the real ones so just check with people when you call so you know you will get enough xx

— My mums insured for the mortgage but unfortunately they wouldn’t insure my dad as he’d already had a heart attack previously. I’ve emailed the council because on their website they ask for a forwarding address and obviously he won’t have one. Moms waiting for a call off UC too. Mom will be getting I think she said 10 copies but is also going to ask about the tell us once service. I’ve SORN his cars off and cancelled the Direct debits today for Mom so that’s one other thing she doesn’t have to worry about. She’s got a phone app Tuesday to register his death so once that’s done she can call the insurance company and send off all the info they need. So sorry about your dad hun💔 xx

— Oh hun, I'm so sorry. Sounds like you have a lot of good advice on here. I'd echo the thing about work place pensions as in my work legally I have to pay in to it and if I died my husband gets it. My only suggestion is you've mentioned that they had a mortgage on their house. Most banks need you to have life insurance to cover the amount of the loan. Do you know if your dad had taken this out? I really hope she has some financial security so you can all grieve without money worries xx

— They both have life insurance however because my dad had already had one heart attack they wouldn’t insure him with the mortgage side just my mom. So if my mom god forbid did pass then the mortgage would be paid off. I mean my mom has literally no income coming in now that my dad has passed fortunately we’re in a position where we can afford to pay the mortgage off monthly for her and I have 3 brothers that have already said would help. X

— Without being rude I’m guessing your mum is over 45 so she would qualified for widows pension. She would then get pension credit that means her water, tax and other bills can be reduced.
His account will be frozen until probate apart from paying for his funeral so the advice I’d give is to use whatever is in there for that and then use the allowance afterwards.
She will get UC top ups and depending on his job he may have a private pension. She needs to ascertain if he has a life insurance policy with work and private pension as that will start the moment she sends his death certificate. She needs to get multiple copies as everyone wants them and most won’t take photocopies.
I was widowed at 32 its a minefield. She can approach all companies and they will freeze payments on all cards, utilities etc too.
I hope you’re all okay she will feel lost for a while but it will come together xxx

— My moms 55 hun is the widow pension the same as bereavement benefit? The dwp have applied for the bereavement for her and once she finds out if she can qualify for UC to call them back and they will apply for the funeral cost benefit. He was a slaughter man so he didn’t have a private pension just a state pension. She has an appointment Tuesday to do Dads death certificate and she’s gonna get 6-7 copies to make sure she has enough to send off and not have to wait for them to come back if that makes sense. I’m so sorry about your spouse💔. Thank you for taking the time to message back xx

— @nikki90xx, I believe it’s the same thing but opens up lots of other reductions to gas, water, electric and more off council tax.
He should have a works pension (even if small as became law a few years ago) worth asking. Did he pay into a union? They’ll sort it xx

— With the UC your mum may be able to claim for an advance payment from UC once her claim has been accepted, she will have to pay it back in small amounts which will be deducted from her UC payments but without interest. You could contact the citizens advice bureau for some more advice , did your mum receive a booklet before she left the hospital as it has some advice in there regarding finances. So sorry hun , also while we are on topic of finances your mum may be able to apply for help towards funeral costs once her UC account is in place, they can cover a rather large amount of fees which can be helpful in such hard times so do look into that through your local council xxx

— Tbh hun she didn’t have a booklet but has said that if UC don’t ring either Monday/ Tuesday she will give them a call and give them permission to speak to me because she’s never had to deal with benefits before. When she called the dwp they said that they would apply for bereavement benefit for her which is £100pm. So she won’t find out about that for 3 weeks and have said once she gets her decision about UC to call them back and they will apply for the funeral benefit for her so tbf they’ve been a great help x

— When my grandad passed, my Nan was put on a widows pension she gets half my grandads state pension and private pensions, aswell as her own, because your mom is now on her own she will get council tax reductions etc, I’m not sure about anything else.. erm.. because your moms not state pension age i imagine it will just be UC see if she can have her housing paid for her.. phone them and explain the situation see if there’s anything that can help her, so sorry for your loss again I hope you’re all ok xxx

— Yeah we’re getting there thank you. I didn’t realise how much paperwork etc had to be dealt with but I’m trying to figure it all out so it’s less for my mom to have to do. She’s finding it really difficult and I don’t want her to have to worry about money on top of everything else. She wouldn’t be able to claim housing as it’s owned well has a mortgage on it so she needs to make sure that it’s paid otherwise it will be taken obviously my partner and I wouldn’t allow that to happen and have already said that we will pay the mortgage if it came to it xx