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If you like International shows, Shtisel on Netflix is real…

If you like International shows, Shtisel on Netflix is really good. You do have to read the subtitles though, which doesn't bother me.


— That’s funny cuz I’m in the middle of it . Lmao it’s an amazing season this season

— @professor.hashbrown, it’s a really really good show . I’m on season 3 which i think is one of the best !

— @itsamemario I'm going to keep binging it. Are all the seasons long like season 1?

— @professor.hashbrown, no they al have different story lines and issues that they bring up

— I love them, and independent films.

— @massgirl @jenx subtitles are always on at my house.

— I don’t mind subtitles really. But when the words don’t match the mouth it drives me insane 😂😂😂

— Well this is in Hebrew so... 🤣

— @professor.hashbrown, I mean when the dub it over in English 🤣. The mouth doesn’t match the words. Drives me batty 😂

— @squishymommy1 oh yeah. I would definitely rather have it in the original language and read it in English

— I read all my shows anyway. Between the kiddo and the dog, I can't hear anything.

— Lmao I thought I was the only one that did this