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My daughters dad was hone all day today. No work. He took o…

My daughters dad was hone all day today. No work. He took off. He usually works almost everyday and doesnt get back till late. But my daughter will ask about him and ask. Then tonight when i was cooking dinner, she asks her sad if she csn go to her and his park. Thsts what she calle it "mine and daddy's park" without mommy. He feel as if he says crap like that to her which is kind of weird AF to her because hes obsessed with that little girl being his "daddy's girl" he eill say am i your best friend and he has taught her that he is and nobody else. Or he'll get offended when she says brother. She used to say brother was ger best friend and he'll pretend to cry. Now if i say "am i your best friend" she'll say no. Same thing with the park whifh idk why hed say hers and my park. I just think its weird. I would never teach her all this crap. My daughter wont even skt with me anymore and she is so defiant when it comes to me. I used to not care about the park thing or the best friend thing but now she acts like she wants nothing to do with me. Shes only 3 lol


— Idk I don’t want to be that person but this is classic grooming behavior. I would leave his ass like yesterday. None of it is okay.

— @anicole3285 how often do they go to "their" park? Does he take the other kids to places, just him and the one child, and designate that place as their place only? Why is he obsessed with that one child needing to be a "daddy's girl"? Why is no other person allowed to be her "best friend"? Does he use that same treatment with the other children?
The reason why I ask these questions is because you have to take a good hard look at his behaviour as more than just manipulative -- especially since it's targeted on one specific child.
There's a very unhealthy fixation he has with your daughter. It has more to do than just getting back at you.

— @deborahjq I think you are reading into it way differently then the actual situation. We all go to that park. It's a very kid friendly park with tons of people all the time. I really don't know what to think now

— @anicole3285, it doesn’t always start sexual. But the way you describe the situation automatically takes my mind there. Even if it isn’t sexual what he’s doing isn’t healthy. You need to put a stop to the behavior he’s exhibiting, again even if it’s not sexual it’s not healthy and he shouldn’t be alienating a child so he’s her only “friend”

— He's barely alone with them and also he apologized since then about it. Hasn't done it since. If he brushes her hair he takes his time but I usually do her hair now

— I’d keep her away from that weirdo unless he has set visitation that’s not right

— These are some huge red flags. He's essentially teaching her not to trust anyone else by telling her that he's the only best friend she's allowed to have (not even her brother is allowed to share that space) and it seems there are other toxic things he's been repeating to her because she's being more defiant towards you and doesn't even sit with you.
This isn't normal. The way he's treating her isn't normal. It's highly toxic and is indicative of abusive behaviour.

— And y'all still live together why smh

— Easier said than done

— Mhm. I think it’s alittle weird I don’t think he should tell her “ he is her only bestfriend” it seems he make be doing it spitefully honestly.

— @deborahjq he cut a knot out of her hair

— @m0mmy thank you for clearing that up..

— @m0mmy 😲 what the heck?? Suggesting a different brush and detangler was too much effort, I guess...?? There's something off with him.

— I cannot understand what you are trying to say at all. I've read twice tryin to comprehend.

— I think to sum it up that she can't stand her baby daddy and her 3 year old doesn't listen to her anymore because of the shit he teaches her to say lol

— @ksmommyx3 HOW in the WORLD did you gather that from what you read??!!? 🤯🤣

— @ksmommyx3 I can tolerate him. But that has nothing to do with the parenting he's doing. My feelings towards him has nothing to do with how I think of him as a parent