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Kinda nervous. Called the hospital about going in tonight a…

Kinda nervous. Called the hospital about going in tonight and they said they currently have 2 in labor and they can't take me in unless one of them delivers. If they don't before I go in then they will have to reschedule me 😫


— Have you heard anything about being able to go in? There’s a baby boom here too lol. There were 6 babies born within 24 hours of mine at my small town hospital.

— We had 4 babies born just today at my hospital and more in labor 🤦‍♀️ but they said to call soon to check for room

— I don’t see how this is even safe at this point?? Have they checked your fluid levels or anything?

— Yup I was checked monday and my fluid is great and my nonstress test came back fantastic.

— @countrypeaches42013, I hope you get to go in! Just hope that the due date is off by a week or two. I feel bad for you but if fluids are good then you’re good! Are you still feeling a lot of movements? My son was 3 days late and I cried

— @momgroupreject yup she's pretty active still which is part why they havent been too worried. I'm uncomfortable but still doing well.

— Oh no. What size hospital only allows for two in labor? Hopefully someone delivers

— They have been so full of inductions and laboring moms the past 2 weeks they have been short staffed too. It's been crazy baby boom busy. So even with their laboring moms they only have limited rooms. At my hospital we labor and recover in the same rooms.

— @countrypeaches42013, oh! That makes more sense. Here there is triage rooms, labor rooms, and postpartum rooms.

— Nooo hopefully one of them delivers so you can still go in tonight!

— I mean I go in at 8 and I called at 2 so I'm hoping by then someone will deliver lol

— @countrypeaches42013, hopefully!

— Oh no!!! I’m hoping that one delivers sooner, rather than later. You’re so close, momma!! Try to get all the rest you can. And enjoy your babies a little extra with your extra time right now. Sending you hugs! You’ve got this!!

— I hope someone delivers so they can get you in! There’s nothing worse than being overdue and waiting for your induction. Thinking of you! Keep us posted.

— Oh no. 😩hopefully they can take you

— I'm so sorry!!! At least you've had the testing to know baby is still ok. Take a deep breath mama! I wish I could take your stress away!!!

— Tomorrow I'll be 42 weeks. I'm just done lol

— @countrypeaches42013 I can relate. I was 43+1 when I was induced and had my first dd.