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I have given birth to 3 kids without an epidural, my most r…

I have given birth to 3 kids without an epidural, my most recent was 16 months ago where i was induced for the first time and those pitocin contractions were HORRIBLE but i powered through. Im being induced again tomorrow night and i have been having an anxiety attack all day about it. Part of me is debating an epidural but the thought of the needle scares me. Idk im just feeling so many emotions. Those of you who got the epidural is it worth it or is it better without? I also am scared of having a catheter. Im seriously a mess of anxiety right now 😫


— I was Induced with my daughter without pitocin. I only needed the 24hr meds to open my cervix as it was
Closed when I went in. I got the epidural , the first time it didn’t work on one side and they had to place it again. Once They got it working on both sides it was
Marvelous . Induction isn’t an easy process and can go a number of ways . I would do whatever is going to make you feel most comfortable.

— Two vaginal births without, but one was induced and the other completely natural... Yes, induction is not easy on us, but if you have a good nurse and doctor they will known when to turn down or turn up the pitocin
doses. I am so sorry you had a traumatic experience and just pray for a healthy baby and healthy you, once baby is here no matter the decision made. Take a deep breath and know you're in God's hands! Many hugs and lots of prayers!!!

— I had to have one with my last baby for BP reasons, and honestly getting it wasn't that bad. When it was time to push, I was like "NURSE!! I NEEDA GO POOP!" lol it was pushing time.

— My first daughter I had to have pitocin and those contractions hurt like hell. It caused her heart rate to drop significantly so they urged me to get an epidural... I’m highly afraid of needles so I didn’t want it but I ended up getting it and it wasn’t so bad. I barely felt it and the nurse was amazing talking to me and keeping me calm. I opted to just get it with my 4th and it was the easiest most relaxed labor of all.

— I probably shouldn't be commenting on this one. All my baby was c-section unfortunately...
The one I was in labor 17 and half hours it didn't work. So they had to do a back tap ( that is what I call it). That work with the first two.

I hate needles to.. it was like a pinch just take a deep breath b4 u can breathe it out,they would be done

— I’ve given birth 6 times and have had an epidural 3. The contractions were so painful I never felt the needle, I would definitely say I preferred the epidural I just had fast labors I couldn’t always get it.

— @countrypeaches42013, Yes hun I think you will do jus fine if you choose to get it. I was induced with second twin and the contractions were so intense I was sick from the pain. I like the epidural because I was able to be more aware of everything that was going on and it was more enjoyable!

— @preciouslove thank you so much ❤

— @countrypeaches42013, your welcome good luck ❤️🙏 prayers for a safe and quick delivery!

— I had it with both kids because I had pitocin both times...
I was completely induced with Aubrey. She was born in 8 hours.
Kynzleigh was helped labor
I was in labor for like 17 hours...

I already had bad back pain before even getting pregnant so the epidural didn't bother me lol. I was upset I couldn't get up to pee all by myself lol

— I had a fast labor being induced but it was very traumatic and I'm hoping to make an easier and nicer labor experience so I'm really considering an epidural. My husband said watching my last labor was really scary for him too

— @countrypeaches42013
Well honestly I don't know what it's like for me to go into labor on my own
Like my body just doesn't know how or something.
My labor was longer with kynzleigh but with kynzleigh I had a high cervix. My cervix was the main reason it took so long with her.
I even waited until like last minute to get the epidural with kynzleigh. The pitocin bothered me than the epidural did. Like the epidural feels really cold when it goes in but I didn't think it hurt any.

— Getting the epidural is the worst!!! If you typically have short labors then don’t get it. The catheter is no big deal because you don’t even feel it since you’re numb from the epidural. Getting it out is way more painful than getting it in. I had c-sections with both kids, epidural with the first and spinal for the second. Let’s just say I’m 100% done having kids because I could never go through that again.

— I got an epi with both kids.. For my first i got induced and i was in labour for 32hours 😬😬 2hours of active labour i had a 3rd degree tear 😔😔😔 recovery was soo painful.

With My second my water broke at 36w and got an epi i was in active labour for literally 30mins i also had a 3rd degree tear but recovery was so easy this time. I feel like it all depends on the doctors and your body...

— I had a very hard labor with my first I was vomiting throughout the whole experience and had the shakes when I got the epidural my body was able to relax I stopped vomiting and I stopped shaking and I was able to get a nap before I started pushing so it was beneficial to me . I didn’t feel the meddle only down side was my husband was asked to leave the room and he wasn’t happy leaving my side

— Girl don’t do it. My first I had an epidural and the second one I didn’t. I have back problems where I had the epidural. 5 years later still the same amount of pain.

— I really appreciate the responses!

— I had an epidural with my first and it was a great experience for me. The hardest part was having to sit still while they inserted the epi but I didn’t feel it go in. I was also nervous about it and was weirded out by the catheter but I didn’t even notice when they put that in. I was induced with my youngest and didn’t have the epi that time. My labor progressed quickly and there wasn’t time. Every labor is different, even ones with pitocin. Listen to your body and decide if you need the pain relief or not. I will say that my recovery was far easier after my unmediated birth - not sure if it’s because it was my second child or if I was able to “feel”/listen to my body and therefore wasn’t as sore and in as much pain afterwards.

— I’ve had all 3 without an epidural. My 1st (9hours long and 30 mins pushing)and 3rd (9 hours and she came out on her own no pushing) I was induced and maxed out on pitocin. I learned that laying down especially on your back is your worst enemy. Sitting up and moving if allowed and allowing gravity to do its job is best. You can request they give you iv pain meds if you need to get stitched. I personally didn’t because I was distracted by the baby.

— Yeah I was active until I felt the need to push and that's when the pain got intense was when I laid down

— @countrypeaches42013, I agree. Don’t lay down 😫 Does your hospital have tubs in your labor rooms? Getting in the tub helped me so much.

— The epidural is heaven do it!! I’ve had 4 but I got two with one kid 🤣 if they know what there doing it won’t even hurt never had a problem with my last I was surprised

— Try to relax, you are strong and u know u are capable of going without. Either way you'll do great💕 hugs and prayers to you sweetheart!