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Is there a time where you have to worry about pressure in y…

Is there a time where you have to worry about pressure in your pelvis? It feels like im having the same pressure i get on my cervix from braxton hicks except that for the past nearly two hours the pressure has been constant and gets more intense when he moves. I cant even tell if im having braxton hicks because the pressure doesnt let up any. Im hoping its just his position, i set my induction date up after my appointment on Tuesday so he will be here soon regardless but i havent had pressure like this with my other two so im not sure whats going on.


— Probably just position plus it being your third. I'm going through the same thing. It feels like she's seriously about to just fall out 😅😂.

I just had a NST so I know it's not contractions

— @raisinglittlegamers i swear he thinks its fun to grind his head into my cervix! Ive only got a little over a week left since ill be induced but im so ready to be done getting headbutted in the cervix 😅

— @insecureemu
My OB said I can set a scheduled due date in about 2 weeks when I'm 36 weeks.
I'll probably set to be induced at 39 weeks because my kids have so many appointments and it'll be easier on everyone

— @raisinglittlegamers yeah ill be induced between the 25th of this month and the 4th of March because baby boy isnt growing well. I wish theyd set it up earlier so i can let family and work know ahead of time but, the earliest theyll let me do that is tuesday.