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Got my first credit card. Never wanted one but this is the …

Got my first credit card. Never wanted one but this is the only way i know how to build credit and get my scores up. How long till you start seeing improvement to your credit score after paying it off every month on time??


— Also you’ll need more than 1 line of credit to make any difference. I bought a brand new car at age 19 and my score went way up after I paid it off. I also had a student loan that I paid off early and my score went up then too. Lots of things influence your score.

— Dang just now? I got mine when I was 18. My credit score is in the mid 700s now. It takes a long time, but better late than never.

— Yea. No way was I ready for a credit card at 18. Especially with not understanding it completely. I have already been talking to my 12 year old about credit and how important it is. Lol no one ever talked me about any of that. Basically figured it out on my own

— @anicole3285, yeah they should really be teaching this in high school but instead we learn useless algebra 🙄

— @2sweetie I know lol

Get a secured credit card and in 6 months your credit will be fixed ... I don’t know why I see a lot of women on here saying it takes years when it really doesn’t !!

— Ok thanks

— @anicole3285, I’d keep the one you have too pay it on time though ... seriously !

— It’ll take while to see a good sizable difference
While 1 line of credit is a start, that alone won’t make your scores as high as you picture it. Multiple lines of credit and on time payments with time will get you to great scores

Like others said use less than 30% of it
-I’d make the minimum payment for 2 months and then pay off the remaining balance to boost your scores.
For reference I went from 540 to 711 in 2 years, however I have gotten 7 lines of credit in that time span.

Also MYFICO is the most accurate at credit monitoring, it gives you all scores, others give you general scores. My realtor recommended myfico because of the accuracy when applying for a mortgage loan. It’s does cost 40/month though

— Go with Lexington Law. I was with them before but had to drop them when coronavirus came. The prices aren't bad each month & they work with you to get things off of your credit that's negative.

— I've heard of them. I will check it out. Thank you

— @anicole3285 No problem. Good luck to you.

— Don’t ever use the entire balance (recommended to not use over 30% of the limit)
Make the minimum payment on time all the time.
Don’t use it and pay off in the same month. It will look like you never use the card. Creditors want to see you can maintain a payment history.

— Ok. Thanks

— Use less than 20% of your available limit and pay it off monthly

— Thanks

— The best thing to do is charge your gas or groceries and then pay it completely off every month. Lenders don’t like to see maxed out cards. You should start seeing your score go up in a few months.

— Thanks

— Years and years lmaoo the more you check it the more it goes down too but I don’t got a credit card I can’t even get a old navy card 🤣

— I heard that. But I also heard credit karma doesn't cause it to go down, that's what I use

— It’s not only paying it off every month, it’s also about how long you’ve had one and keeping your debt to credit ratio low. But it depends on what your past credit history is, if you have any, or if you’re starting completely from scratch. My husband had credit in the low 500s when we got married and now it’s great.

— Mine is higher 500s. It's been between 450 and 598 for the past 6 years. So not good at all