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What did you pack for your hospital bag? I cant remember wh…

What did you pack for your hospital bag? I cant remember what we packed for Violet and with Henry i just remember over packing. Likely getting induced due to IUGR. Right now ive got a couple preemie outfits, two swaddle blankets, socks and mittens, preemie diapers, hats, and nail clippers for baby boy. For me ive got my nursing tank, two pairs of leggings, two sweatshirts(zip ups), nonslip socks, chapstick, hair ties, toiletries bag, and adult diapers, and of course, extra face masks in case i get annoyed with what i have on and then slip on shoes and the extra phone charger. Not sure if im missing anything! Im not taking a birth plan, so i wont need to print that to take. If im induced i think ill bring my Nintendo switch lol to pass the time and get a new game to play, but i honestly cant think of anything else i need to take with us. Hubby is in charge of his own bag so im not worrying about his.


— Pillow !

— Didn't even need alot for you or baby. The baby just need goin home outfit.

— Nothin really I just wore the clothes on my back and went home in the same ones baby went home in the hospital outfit used the hospital stuff

— CHAPSTICK!!! I was dying without it in the hospital.

— Ive got a three pack set aside to pack already!

— @insecureemu, I see you listed it now. Lol Ignore me! 😂

— The things I didn't pack that I wish I had: good lotion, water and drinks. And snacks.