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What's some good movies on netflix? Bonus if it's horror mo…

What's some good movies on netflix? Bonus if it's horror movies!


— Try Black Mirror series. Not a movie, I know lol

— I liked Hell Fest and there’s another one about this girl and her husband that go to Thailand and drink some drink that makes them hallucinate. It’s really good but I can’t remember the name.

— Not horror but I liked the wrong missy. I have a love-hate with horror because I usually end up laughing when somebody is getting stabbed. There’s other movies I can’t think of that I liked..
I also like to add it if you like murder documentaries and have HBO then I recommend the tv show; murder on middle beach. I didn’t finish it yet but I’m halfway and it’s good.

— I love murder documentaries!

— @scream.queen, it’s about this guy trying to figure out who murdered his mom. Very interesting.
I also recommend haunting of the hill house of what porcelain doll said. Bly manor wasn’t nearly as good tho.

— Following

— I can not do horror lol. I'm a big chicken!!

— Awh, that's okay!

— Have you seen the haunting of hill house and the haunting of bly Manor? If not, girl! GET ON IT!

— @icebergahead I liked hill house better than bly Manor for sure, but I feel like you cant have one without the other. 😂

— @porcelain.doll, I was bored with Bly. I knew off the bat that they were... you know. No spoilers. So I was riding each episode and gave up.

— I have not!