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My cousin has her baby shower this weekend. This is her sec…

My cousin has her baby shower this weekend. This is her second baby. For her first, I made her a “personal bag” that was filled with several different things she could take with her to the hospital like travel shampoo, toothpaste, hair bow, chapstick ect. I also bought a few things for the baby. This time, I’m just stocking her up on her personal bag. Is bad of me to not buy anything for the baby? I know several of her gifts from our aunts and cousins and she’s getting plenty for the baby. I just wanna make sure she gets something for herself too. This bag has a few different things like she mentioned a few weeks ago she needed to buy some comfy panties to wear and she’d like to try nipple shields so I got both of those things. I added some candy for after delivery. I’m still grabbing a couple of things but I’m packing it full of all the things that she can use at the hospital to shower or just clean her face or freshen up or something like that. I’m also adding some extra pads and some self care things for when she gets home like a face mask and stuff. I want to spoil the baby and buy baby stuff of course but I just feel like since every one else is buying for the baby, I’d just like to make sure mama is taken care of.. she’s already stressing about what to put in the hospital bag and such so I just want to lighten her load a little bit. With this, she’ll be able to add whatever clothes she wants and just go.


— And those panties feel SOOOOO SOFT AND COMFY 🤩 they’re thin and airy but have like a satin texture to them! And they are only $2.50 at my Walmart lol they had thong and boy shorts but she specifically mentioned “granny panty” a few weeks ago so that’s the style I grabbed lol

— For anyone that wanted to see, this is what I’ve got so far. I’m going to pick up the rest tomorrow 🥰

— @mrshoward18, @jenx, I hope so! I texted her and told her I was getting her stuff together and she said “I was hoping you’d do that again” ☺️

— Get her some nursing pads and nipple cream

— I think it’s a great idea!!

— Thats an awesome idea. Everyone buys so much for the baby, I WISH someone would have gotten me just some fuzzy socks or slippers, some chapstick, a comfy nighty, tshirt, or robe for the hospital and after, stuff for breastfeeding, anything...

— I’ll post a picture when I get back home of the things over tethered up so far!

— I think it's absolutely wonderful and she will really appreciate it.

— That sounds like the perfect gift!

— We do this, my family and I did it for my best friend. I think it's an awesome idea!

— I had never thought about it seen anybody do it until my friend done it for me and I’ve been obsessed with doing it since then!

— I actually love this!!!
I got everything and anything from my baby shower but for the baby. I didn’t get personal items like that. I wish I did.

— I do too! It was one of my favorite gifts from my first shower!

— @beautiful_disaster, @mamiluna, a friend of mine done it for me when I was pregnant with my first and it was such an amazing gift! She even bought VS pajamas and everything plus a big tote bag for me to carry it in so I literally had my bag packed and didn’t even have to worry about so I try my best to do the same for my preggo friends! I can’t afford crazy expensive things but I try to make sure I get everything that I think they’d like to have to need to use while there and a few things for after because we all know it’s so hard being stuck in that room and feeling gross lol

— i think this is an awesome idea cause i think we worry about having everything for baby that we forget about ourselves

— Yes exactly! I wish someone would of done this for me I think it’s a great idea !