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Im so torn 😭 My husband's friend invited him to his church…

Im so torn 😭 My husband's friend invited him to his church to promote the summer camp we direct to his church (great opportunity for my husband). I never get the chance to go support him because of the kids (he refuses to take them anywhere new). Anyway his friend's church is down near his parents house so we'd stay at their house and the kids would stay with my inlaws while I'd finally have the chance to go promote with him. Only problem is that it'll be a 4 hour car ride from home and I'll be 38 weeks pregnant. My last labor only lasted 1 hour and 15 mins. So I'm really torn up about whether to go or not because this isn't an opportunity that comes to me literally ever. 😭


— Sounds like a terrible idea all around. For everyone.

— I'll also add that me going is the question. He is going either way and the kids would spend time with their grandparents.

— I was always told to stay within an hour the hospital that I’m delivering at during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy. I would not travel 4 hours and put myself in a position to potentially catch COVID right before delivering

— A 4 hour car ride to go to someone else's neck of the covid to promote a summer covid camp? Man. All those missed opportunities.

— We successfully ran camp this past summer taking extra covid precautions and not a single covid case and we saw over 100 kids per week. There's a way to do things safely.

— @countrypeaches42013 Yes there is and "HE WHO IS IN ME IS STRONGER THAN he WHO IS IN THE WORLD". Lean onto God, not with your own understandings, but with a heart of trust and faith. Pray for safety and health, a hedge of protection, and take all the precautions you can while doing His work. Don't be complacent.

— @countrypeaches42013 sure, Jan.

— Pray on it. Lean to the scripture. Have faith, not fear and walk in trust. If you are comfortable to sit that long(and stops will be needed) I'd personally go. But that me. God has called you and is giving you an opportunity to be plucked from his tool shed. I'd just make sure I know the local area, hospital and emergency walk in procedures, have insurance card and necessary items with me just in case. And the fact the children will be with grandparents already makes it a real GO for me because of you go into labor they are already safe with family. And what a testimony of faith for your baby if you do go into labor during that event!!!

— 😂 that's funny because I'm naming my daughter Faith!

— 🥰🙏

— I feel him on the kids going anywhere new with covid-19 going around lol but if he never let them go anywhere new before I think that's kind of silly. Kids need to go new places to experience things. Growing up my grandparents and parents took us everywhere & we all have such great memories from the travels and vacations.

And about traveling at 38 weeks, I probably wouldn't take that chance & what if your husband is gone when you go into labor? I would want him on stand by lol when did you go into labor with your others? I didn't have mine until 40w2d and induced at 40w4d with my 2nd. I feel like this one may come a week or so early because she's really low and I'm already 50% effaced and 1cm dilated. I'm so glad my OB checked me yesterday because now I know I need to take it kind of easy lol

— We go new places I'm just meaning more like going to new churches a lot is hard on kids because they need routine. They are getting better but they dont do well being in a place with no one they recognize and being told to be quiet and on their best behavior and kids churches aren't easy with my kids being guests. But public settings are a different story.

— @countrypeaches42013 It's not easy, but mama, I promise if we don't take them young and allow them to witness all God allows for us it will be harder to teach them when they are older. And doing it while they are small though difficult helps them learn appropriate response to new experiences earlier and makes it become more natural to them.

— @xryztalroze we have a regular church we attend and we have them sit in the service with us at times. I'm just saying about taking them to visit churches. We've done it a couple times when they were younger and they were rough. As they continue to get older I truly believe they will get better as they understand more why we are doing what we do.

— I do not blame him during this time but if this is how it has been pre-covid? Then that would be kind of disappointing.

— @countrypeaches42013, oh, maybe he wants to concentrate on his work than worry, get distracted?

— @icebergahead lol he's more concerned about them being wild and feeling the need to apologize for them being kids.

— @countrypeaches42013, I see.

— If he doesn’t want to take them anywhere new how they ever gonna go anywhere lol 😂

— Lol we do go places sometimes, visiting new churches is just a struggle with figuring out their kids programs and obviously they don't sit still in the service with me. My son especially doesnt do well in new environments where he has to be quiet.

— He refuses to take them to church?

— Oh no we are regular church attendees, just new places because they can be a bit unpredictable lol