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My god, is anyone elses child overly obsessed with their da…

My god, is anyone elses child overly obsessed with their dad? Im lucky if i get a look in. He just wants him constantly, my partner went back to work today after 3 weeks off and tommy keeps giving me my phone and saying daddy (this means ring him)
So my partner answered the phone talked to him for a little bit then had to go. This caused a FULL on meltdown. Screaming crying sitting by the window waiting for him.
Honestly i might aswell not even be here yet im the one that does everything for the kid. 😑😂


— I wish! My kids want me for bloody EVERYTHING!! Honestly its exhausting! Dad be sat on the sofa doing bugger all and I'll be busy cleaning or something and it's 'mummy can you get me this' every 5 minutes.

— They are relentless too!

— Oh yeah I'm wanted to for everything in that sense food/bum changing etc but never just cause he loves me/wants my attention like he does with his dad 🤦‍♀️😂 xx

— Yep. I grew and gave birth too two little people who would prefer to spend their time with their dad 🙃

Honestly if Aniela isn't feeding then she is looking for him and Theo is always hanging off him or asking where he is! X

— Haha mad isnt it! I guess they are more of of a novelty, that's what I try and tell myself to feel better anyway 😂😂 xx

— @kelsey234 anything like food, toilet, or comfort they want me, but for play and fun they want dad. I tell myself it's because he's like a child himself😂 x

— Both of mine are the same 🙈xx

— Recently yes haha

— My girls do this soon as daddy goes out they are the window waiting for daddy to come home or daddy go . Makes me quite sad some as it’s always me who gets up with them every morning , always make sure they got clean clothes to wear , make sure they both got full belly ect just makes you feel shitty doesn’t it 😒x

— Haha it's because they are more exciting as they come and go and we are just here constantly. I tell myself one day he will appreciate all I did for him 😂🤦‍♀️ xx