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The story I never told but the shelter staff here it goes !…

The story I never told but the shelter staff here it goes ! I thought I had this under control he was walking back and forth holding baby talking to me in a calm voice. He was saying that I dont wanna walk baby to sleep because Im lazy. I started to explain to him that just this July my back got stuck and i couldnt move so im trying to find alternitive ways not to carry baby so I dont get ingered alone with her and not be able to move from my back unexpectedly getting stuck again.I spoke in a calm voice as well I felt him sitting in the bed beside me as baby was already sleeping in his arm. I was laying in the dark and all of a sudden I felt his hand on my throat I looked at him and some how managed to ask why are you choking me ? As I asked he pushed his fingers harder into my throat. I managed to ask him around 4 to 5 x some how and everytime I asked he pushed his fingers harder into my troat I saw his face and his eyes and mouth looked focused and pergged.I heard my baby poop in his arm and I couldnt say anything I stopped asking him and stood still frozen he finnaly let go of my throat and then I woke up the next morning. Started making breakfast and smilling like nothing happened. He woke up and told me baby pooped I told him yes that was last night. When I served breakfast I saw my older daughter and faked the biggest smile said "hi baby breakfast is ready". The kids where already sitting at the table and I went back to the kitchen for something my neck was hurting and felt weard he came to me in the kitchen and said Im sorry for last night I was tired and tried to kiss me. I stopped him and wispered " From now on my body belongs to me, I will never kiss you again". I passed by him and smiled at my kids went to eat breakfast he came and joined us. That night my neck hurt and when I layed next to him as always my ear made a clicking sound I listened night after night what it sounded like and concluded defenatly like flipping a light switch off and on constantly. On his time home fromwork he started arguing saying he never touched me and I was imagening. I thought to myself am I imagening the pain too? I waited till christmas so my kids can open thier gifts and right after I planned my escape on Jan 3 2019 I left him , my mother, the proventive service worker , God parents , and went to freedom .

My mother telling me he is good and him im a whore i over heard her.
God parents saying im lazy and cant keep a house clean and cook
Proventive service worker who i told he choked me the first time was conserned about me getting him in trouble saying I can ruin his life and he is a nice guy who spoils me. Said he choked me before because I was hovering over him begging him to put baby down when angry.
They knew nothing but his very good act.it took me 3 yrs to start to understand his real underminded reasons control under the kind act he looks and acts as. Im alive I didnt listen to none of these people saying he was good I knew What he did and till this day he still sends me messeges saying we both know he was great and all those things im acusing him of he never did. Repeating this all over and over in messeges and saying he misses baby.......the baby he refused to put down to safty while stranggling me 2x and pushing me countless days and times. Now this story is the truth I swear to God because for some reason my truth was never heard ! Everyone believed him but Im a child of God and though shall not lie!!!!! I dont lie !!!! Im am me truthful kind forgiving creative guided by God protecting my kids from anyone and anything because I made it Im alive I am here ........ I am Alive today!!!!!!! To tell this story the true story !

Thank you for reading and if you see yourself in a similar situation you are worthy your life means everything get up and get away! Your kids need you more then ever surly wouldnt want them without you in that guys hands!!!!! Make it alive to tell your story and live a new better story!!!!!


— My mother was abused for 16 yrs i sem alot of crazy stuff the guy manipulated her and my x too

— @verguinia, yeah that is horrible. I am sorry that your mom chose him over you. Some people get blinded by the whole concept of family having to stick together no matter what. When one part of the family is toxic like your ex, how can you be a complete family unit when he doesn’t care about your well being or your children’s well being? Some people don’t understand that this isn’t the past anymore and that women don’t have to put up with an abusive partner and keep it quiet. We have rights now and we are strong. The sucky thing is no matter what happened there will always be someone from the family that sees the wrong in you and doesn’t support or understand why you had to do what you did because their mind is closed and blinded by his acting. You did the best thing you could to get away from him and protect yourself and your children!

— I am so sorry that you went through all of this but I am glad that you did the right thing. You protected yourself and your children!

I hate when people get fooled by someone because they appear to be nice, the way everyone was defending him. People like him show a fake face to the public and a different face behind closed doors. It is very hurtful when people want to believe someone bad and act like you are the crazy or bad one. You did the right thing. ❤️

— Yes it is very hurtful and hard to think that People thst supppsed to help did the opposite especially my own mom.

— I believe every word you said. I'm so glad you left him when you did. Many women don't make it out alive. You're strong ❤

— Thank you I was so confused about why he did it and loved him and wanted to forgive but this was a choice of live or die trully wanted to live

— Wow, Thank you for sharing your story! I'm so glad you got out of that situation.

— You welcome hope it help someone who is reading and needs to save themself because trully no one can save you but you !

— Thank you for sharing ❤️ you are so brave & strong for leaving..you deserve SO MUCH BETTER! You're doing a great job with this girl's. Keep it up. Prayers for you guys🙏🙏

— Thank you I instantly saw a change in both as i left the younger started more active insepended conditend and the older did really well in school

— @verguinia yeah, I'm sure they felt how tense of a situation it was there. So happy you got out!!!

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88 they did ontop of that my mother would sit over my older childs bed while she layed in the dark and tell her that I was bad in school and im irresponsible and that she was gonna take custody of her ! Yesterday I had a picture of my abuser and showed it to my baby said thats your dad she looked at it and very seriously pushed the phone away and said "no thank you" she used to cry when he carry her and hit him

— I 100% believe you girl! I know how hard you fight to make a good life for your Daughter's. I KNOW you're a great Mama and an even better person, that wouldn't have made the decisions she did without VERY good reasons. If the people in his life want to continue to be taken in with his lies and fake charm, that's on them girl. That does NOT mean you are obligated to deal with that shit or subject your babies to it. All this proves is that you are indeed smarter than the rest of them! 🤷‍♀️ You ARE doing an amazing job, you DID make the right choice and you and those girls ARE going to be JUST fine without his manipulative ass! These are FACTS! 🥰😘

— Yes i trully tryed to stay with him but it got so dangerous thank you my choice was between life or death trully it was that bad

— @verguinia I know ALMOST exactly what you're talking about girl. I say almost cause luckily it was just me, I didn't have kiddos witj my idiot. I CAN'T IMAGINE how difficult leaving was for you with 2 babies! You're a freakin SUPER HERO girl! 🙌

— @leonardsquared yes i packed only a few clothes my document and told my older to take a bag with whatever toy she wish that fits $300 cash told myself as i left the door God is you me and my babies you got us! I am sorry you had a similar insident thank God you left