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Ladies, the scariest thing happened to me at work yesterday…

Ladies, the scariest thing happened to me at work yesterday. I was in the back sanding and after a few hours of being at work, i started feeling really disoriented and confused, very sluggish, speech slurring, about to pass out, bad body aches, i felt like a noodle !! My ears were throbbing and ringing so loud, i felt like i was underwater or in a tunnel. My head was pounding. I was also having trouble breathing a bit, my energy was leaving my body, i didnt understand why i felt the way i did, or what was even going on. I called 911 to come get me, they took me to the emergency room. Come to find out i had been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide. Im glad i got there when i did, and that i was conscious enough to even call them to begin with and that i didnt pass out in there because i almost did. I would have for sure died because i was the only one there. So i had to be put on 100 percent oxygen for most of my day yesterdsy until 11 at night. Also had to see a specialist for Jeremiah to check for any damage that may have happened to him due to the exposure. Thankfully, they found no abnormalities with baby, nothing was wrong with him. I was 3 points away from the toxic level in pregnancy where it could have caused fetal death in the womb. I definitely have an angel watching over me. Im so thankful were both still alive and okay !! I feel alot better today!


— So happy you and your little boy are both ok💙!!! Thank god that u were able to call 911 xx

— Oh god what a horrible experience! Glad you and baby are ok! Where is it you work?! xx

— Glad you and baby are ok. That is so bloody scary ! Glad you have a guardian angel! X

— Omg I’m so happy you and baby are okay

— That’s so scary!!! I am so happy you and baby are ok! ❤️

— Omg!! That is SO scary! Thank god you did and were able to call 911!!🙏🏼😓💕

— That’s so scary!!
I’m so glad you’re okay!

— Holy cow, I’m so glad you are okay! How scary!

— Holy crap lady! Glad you and him are both okay. Was it something wrong with the job site?

— Glad you and your baby are okay always listen to your gut if your not feeling well

— Oh. My. Goodness!
Carbon monoxide exposure is so dangerous and terrifying when you don’t understand what’s happening! Thank God you called before you passed out and no apparent harm to that precious boy you’re carrying!

— Oh my gosh girl!! How scary!! I'm so glad you called 911!! Thank God you guys are ok🙏❤️